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Registration for 2013 Season Now Open

Posted Thu Feb 28, 2013 - 01:40 PM

2013 marks our 6th season

Our league is dedicated to providing the best/most realistic alternative football experience. We have blocking and jamming to add to the realism of the sport.

Changes for 2013:
- All referees will be certified, with classroom and on field training prior to the seasons first game. We felt this was one area that needed drastic improvement on over last year.

- The current rule book is under review. We felt there are areas that need adjustment and clarification. Once it is finalized we will replace the current rule book under the "Rules" tab, and will announce it here on the home page.

- We have some exciting sponsorship opportunities in the works that could save you up to $500 on your league fees. Contact Karim for further details.

Registration: will be $1800 per team, due in by April 30th. We will accept late entries up until May 18th, registration for a late entry team will be $1850. The season will start early June.

How to sign up?:
If you are new to redzone leagues, first you need to sign yourself up ... In the top right hand corner of this screen it will say "Sign Up" - click there and fill out your information.

Once you have signed up, sign into the site and click on the "Team" heading on the left, near the top of the page it should say Register new team - click that and fill out your team info. Once you pay your fees everything will be approved and locked in by the website admin.

Exclusive to MFFL, Compete for a National Title in Las Vegas!!
Flag Football is a great game that is played Internationally and we are proud to represent this game in Manitoba and as Canada's representative to the National Flag Football Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each season The MFFL Division 1 Champions earn the right to be the representative.

For any Questions
Contact Karim -

MFFL 8v8 Flag Football

Posted Wed Jul 11, 2012 - 06:51 AM

Unique rules of the MFFL

The game of flag football in the MFFL is different from any other league around. Please review below:

8-man football - There are 8 men on both sides of the ball. Three offensive and defensive linemen are mandatory. Offensive linemen must lineup no more than one yard apart. Defensive linemen must lineup directly infront of the offensive line, one yard off.

Blocking - There is blocking in the MFFL. Safety is our highest priority! Blocking must be with hands only, directly on from the shoulders to the waist. No blocking from the side, no blocking the back and no excessive force.

Kicking - There are kickoffs to start a half and to begin a play after a touchdown is scored. A team may also decide to punt at anytime.

On-side kicks - In the last 5 minutes of the 2nd half, onside kicks are allowed by the losing team. The MFFL onside kick is completed by kicking the ball as deep as you can and not allowing the receiving team to bring it to/past their 20 yard line. Should the kicking team be successful on an onside kick, they will take possession from the 50 yard line.

Please review the rule book found under "Rules" for all rules and game play.

Buhler recreation park
This is the home of the MFFL. This will be our third season playing at the best complex in the province.

Buhler has the following features:
-Great canteen
-Top of the line fields, including "football" lines every 10 yards
-Many other things that make this a great place to play!!

Please do not bring alcohol into the park. The first offense will be a three game suspension and the second will be automatic dismissal from the league.

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